Executive summary

Mothle Jooma Sabdia Inc. was established on the 1st March 2001, and was born out of the need for a truly progressive and exceedingly competent law firm within the South African legal fraternity.

The Firm is premised on fundamental synergies: a common vision to develop a superior and diversified law firm offering specialised knowledge and unparalleled personalised service, coupled with an unwavering emphasis on delivering a total value add product within the context of a free globally incorporated South Africa.

company ownership

The company is 100% black-owned and conducts business under the auspices of an incorporated company registered in accordance with South African law.


We wish to :

company Structure

We are of the humble opinion that we have achieved a near perfect working model, capable of seamless human resource and capital infrastructure enhancement to cope with anticipated growth.

We believe that the appointment of highly qualified staff working closely together and being accountable to each other, together with the implementation of a performance-based remuneration criteria has resulted in remarkable standards of service delivery, and positions the Firm within the top echelons of the legal fraternity.

Social investment programs

We, make regular donations to:

The Directors and professional staff also render pro-bono services to under- privileged members of society, giving them access to the law when, under normal circumstances, such access will be denied to them. The Directors also render services as commissioners in the Small Claims Court as part of our social initiative.