Black Economic Empowerment

Although the firm is wholly black owned, we are acutely aware that much is still to be done to further the vision of government regarding Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.

In order to achieve these statutory objectives we have deliberately ensured that highly skilled and experienced attorneys have been directly linked to junior attorneys and candidate attorneys most of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to ensure skills transfer and organic growth. This strategy has been extended to our support staff with a view toward finalizing the transition toward comprehensive empowerment yet simultaneously maintaining the highest standards of service excellence.

The Firm as a whole is conscientiously striving toward increasing representation of black individuals within MJS. The Firm has been successful in granting economic and management control rights to organically developed black females and black new entrants in the legal market. Procurement from black service providers, ranging from advocates to office supplies, has always been a watchword of the firm and will continue to be in the future.

The goal of the firm is to ultimately ensure the active involvement of a multitude of black people in the operational, professional and executive decision making processes within the firm. Black economic empowerment will always remain an integral component of our strategy initiative. In this regard kindly refer to our organogram in order to fully appreciate the initiatives taken.